4 wonderful seasons

Shaldina Sofia
2 min readApr 2, 2021


Fortunately, in our country we have all the seasons of the year. We can enjoy as a snowfall in winter, and a warm sun in summer as well. These mesmerizing falls in autumn and this first bird’s tweeting in spring.

…I think it would be boring to have constantly warm or constantly cold weather…

Anyway, winter → spring →summer →autumn. This is a circle of life.

Now it is spring…maybe. Everything is melting now and we’re going to be the 2nd Atlantis, I think. But birds already came and their singing can’t but rejoice.

When someone asks me, what is my favorite season of the year, I always can’t give a definite answer. Well, my favorite period of the year — is the moment when summer ends and autumn starts. It is the time when you still can wear lightweight clothing, but also watch the weather changes. And it’s not so cold. Brrr…

My favorite moment is walking on autumn foliage. It crunches funny.

Now the climate is slowly changing. For example: I can’t remember such cold winter as this was. The last time it was -30 degrees when I was in elementary school. As for the summer — a few years ago I wore my coat in July, because the weather was cold and windy.

When I’m thinking which climate is better, I always come to the fact that I like my climate. It’s not boring because it’s changing and it’s wonderful, because I already said that it’s boring for me to have the same weather every day 😊