You should play more!

A lot of people think computer games are evil, but sometimes it helps in life. Let me explain:

Tonight I was playing in my favourite game and I met one amazing foreign person. We had a conversation, I learned that he/she from Croatia and knows four (!!!) languages.

About a few hours I tried to speak English, I tried to inform him/her what I wanted to say. It was hard at the beginning, but then it was better and better. I lost my shyness, I wasn’t afraid to make a mistake.

And it was amazing.

I always dreaming about improving my English, and I’m really glad that I had a chance to do it.

This year had a lot of different situations and events.

Even a happy story can’t exist without a drop of sadness.

Anyway, in general everything was pretty good: I made new friends, I learned a lot of interesting and new things, and I finally learned how to find a classroom…

As I remember, I wrote just only one goal for myself. It sounds like «…to do home assignment in advance, not to leave it at the last day.».

Well, I failed it.

As I recently found out, I have some «sickness», and its name «Perfectionism».

It takes all my time and energy, but the worst thing — I don’t need to do this.

As a one wise person said to me: «It’s better to have unperfect work, than to do nothing at all»

!…but at least you will have it!

I’m really trying to work on it, but it’s not easy for me.

I want to tell you about the hotel where I stayed during my last vacation.

I was in Switzerland in April for a week, so let me describe my room for you.

It was a really beautiful log cabin. From the outside it didn’t look as big as it actually…

This year was full of different events and emotions. In general — everything was okay. We studied a lot and also spent a lot of time together.

The first course is introductory, so some subjects might be boring like economy or maths. I hate the last one because I don’t understand it, and that’s why I’m really afraid of the maths exam.

I understood that I should not only make a timetable but follow it. Sometimes it’s impossible and you begin to harass yourself with thoughts that you have no enough time for doing all of this.

I’m sure the future courses will be more interesting and educational, and I’ll had a chance to know more about other countries, their cultures and traditions.

What happened, happened for the best

  1. Despise [dɪ’spaɪz] — (презирать) — Feel contempt or a deep disgust for something or somebody.
  2. Consolation [,kansə’leɪʃn] — (утешение) — The comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment.
  3. Peculiar [pɪ’kyulɪɛɚ] — (своеобразный) — Strange or unusual.

At first, I’d like to tell you why I chose this…

…or why I think that no one can play Dracula better than Gary Oldman.

In the book Dracula is cruel and lonely, and that’s why his song would be something like the main theme of «Master and Margarita», I think.

But we already have a movie based on the book, and here we can see Dracula as a romantic and mysterious character. While he was an ordinary human, he was a very loving and religious person.

So, I imagine the main character’s soundtrack not so «hard» as the main theme of Bulgakov’s novel.

It should be light, melodic with the sad notes. I believe if Dracula stayed a human, he would have a great live full of love.

So I think this would be a great theme for this character.

Fernando Velázquez — Edith’s Theme

On your life path you can meet someone who can be called as a fair-weather friend. It’s not always feels good but it could be a good experience for you. You understand what kind of people they are under a cloud only. When you have no problems, your head in the clouds and everything is well. But when something goes wrong, these «friends» show their real faces and betray you.

But every cloud has a silver lining — some people say that to be snowed under by work helps you to become right as rain.

Don’t worry, healing always comes at the end.

Exercise A

He’s a fair-weather friend — someone who you can trust only when things are going well.

She has her head in the clouds — when you are not thinking clearly.

He was sick yesterday, but today he is right as rain — to feel fine.

He was left…

Fortunately, in our country we have all the seasons of the year. We can enjoy as a snowfall in winter, and a warm sun in summer as well. These mesmerizing falls in autumn and this first bird’s tweeting in spring.

…I think it would be boring to have constantly warm…

Shaldina Sofia


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