A Letter to Myself ♥

Shaldina Sofia
2 min readJun 9, 2021


This year had a lot of different situations and events.

Even a happy story can’t exist without a drop of sadness.

Anyway, in general everything was pretty good: I made new friends, I learned a lot of interesting and new things, and I finally learned how to find a classroom I need.

If it is a conversation with myself, I want to give Me some advices.

I know You have a lot of worries about your life in future, about your exams, but I know You’ll do your best. Don’t do everything perfect, you just wasting your time. Take care of Your heals, it’s really important. Try to do everything in time and stop worrying about everything.

As we both learned, there might be friends who are not your true friends. Now it hurts me, but it doesn’t hurt You now, I hope.

Everything that happens — all of this is needed for Your growth.

Well, let’s talk about some happy things. I want to share with you my plans for this summer. I’m going to have a greatest summer time, because I’m going to visit my grandmothers and help them with the house and garden work. The second — I’ll try to spend as much time as possible outside, maybe even go to the picnic or fishing with my family. The next — I want to start to do sports again to become healthier.

As for hobbies — I finally can pay more time to reading and painting — it makes me much happier and helps me to relax for some time.