Which hotel is better?

Shaldina Sofia
2 min readJun 9, 2021


I want to tell you about the hotel where I stayed during my last vacation.

I was in Switzerland in April for a week, so let me describe my room for you.

It was a really beautiful log cabin. From the outside it didn’t look as big as it actually was inside. There were a few rooms: bedroom, a small bathroom and tiny but very comfortable kitchen with all the facilities.

I like natural style, it makes me feel closer to the Nature and it’s kind of relaxing.

There were some pictures on the walls in each room and several electric plugs.

I had a little nightstand with a lamp in the bedroom, so it was very comfortable to put a book there after reading before going to bed.

The bathroom was a pleasant surprise for me: it had a large rectangular window just above the bathtub, so I had an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view while taking a bath.

I prefer natural lighting instead of lamp light, so it was a great feeling to have a panoramic window at the kitchen. The kitchen was quite small, but, as I said, there was everything I needed. Most of all I liked a huge green potted plant standing in front of a window.

I rented this cabin log for 93 Swiss francs/night (it’s about 103$/night) and I definitely can say I will go here again!

I wanted to map out my next trip to Germany, so I compared a few hotels:

I came to the conclusion that the «TITANIC Comfort Mitte» is the best choice for the future trip, because it’s not so expensive as other hotels, it’s close to the sights and I like the room interior.